For the purpose of helping businesses make better use of the provisions on warranty liability for goods (hereinafter referred to as products) of Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company, we have a number of warranty provisions for the following products: products distributed by us.

In the case of products with a free warranty

  • The product is warranted by Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company, with stamps and warranty card
  • Customers please present warranty card, purchase invoice, receipt when requesting product warranty
  • Warranty card must be filled in with accurate and complete customer and product information
  • Warranty card must be intact, not patched, erased, repaired
  • Warranty stamp and seal of the product are intact
  • The technical damage of the product is confirmed by the Warranty Center due to the manufacturer's fault
  • And other regulations of the manufacturer are listed on the warranty card attached to the machine

In case the product is not covered by free warranty

  • The product is not provided by Saigon Nam Phat company
  • Expiry of warranty or violation of one of the free warranty conditions
  • Serial number, product model does not match the Warranty Card
  • Customers arbitrarily interfere with the product or repair at warranty centers that are not authorized by the company
  • Damaged products due to improper use of instructions, purposes, natural disasters, rust, broken tanks, insect or animal damage...
  • The product uses the wrong voltage, unstable power supply, weak water source, dirty ...

*We will repair these cases for a fee. Repair cost will be informed to customer before implementation.

Shipping & Returning Warranty

Customers must bear the costs of sending and returning warranty goods when sending goods to the warranty center.

Warranty Information

  • When the product is defective, customers can directly contact the genuine warranty centers according to the information on the warranty card.
  • In addition, customers can call our service center for support: (028) 73 062 776

Saigon Nam Phat Joint Stock Company