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Airbag cover set with the effect of avoiding loss of cold air and the penetration of insects, preventing dust and weather conditions from affecting the loading and unloading process of the warehouse.

Dock Shelter has a semi-automatic control system that is an important part of a modern conveying system. When the vehicle enters the loading dock position for the forklift to bring to the appropriate position, it will prepare for the delivery of goods, at this moment the airbag cover will be activated.

Width:3000/3200/3400 (mm)
Height:3000/3200/3400/4400 (mm)
Frame (wall):Aluminum
Tarpaulin cover:PVC
Friction coefficient:0.3
PVC coefficient of friction:0.4
Tarpaulin Thickness:3 mm
Tarpaulin Weight:3.6 kg / m
Operating temperature:-35oC to +90oC
Wall Thickness:40 mm
Wind load of roof:3.0 KN/m2
Surface coating before painting:Sa2
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